2015#Kisshivgoodbye finale

Thank you so much to everyone who posted pics to support our #KissHIVGoodbye campaign to encourage conversation, confront stigma, and create a culture where HIV disclosure is possible! Congrats to the final week’s winner (you will very soon know who you are!) You took SO many photos and your enthusiasm to create change and share knowledge is part of what makes you such a special part of the work we do in the community.

Week3-1 Week3-2 Week3-3 Week3-4 Week3-5 Week3-6 Week3-7 Week3-8 Week3-9 Week3-10 Week3-11 Week3-12 Week3-13 Week3-14 Week3-15 Week3-17

A special thank you to everyone who came to our World AIDS Day Vigil to help us commemorate those bright lives who were lost, and the resilience of those who are living with HIV.

IMG_20151201_182617066 IMG_20151201_201711788 IMG_20151201_201844466 IMG_20151201_201915667 IMG_20151201_201941403 IMG_20151201_202107097 IMG_20151201_202248084 IMG_20151201_202523096 IMG_20151201_202806000 IMG_20151201_202832677 IMG_20151201_203310569 IMG_20151201_203448951IMG_20151201_202014908IMG_20151201_204141877

Also, I love you ACCKWA Team, but we take the WORST group photos. Add “Blue Steele” to our next staff meeting agenda.



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